15 days to go

On the tenth day of Christmas...Or 13 if you are coming to our gig in Grimsby on the 23rd!

Christmas. What have we let it become? Is it relevant in a post-black Friday world? A world where robots are set to take all our work?

23rd. Grimsby, Parity with Chariots

live in Grimsby, December 2016

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On the ninth day of Christmas…

On the ninth day of Christmas...…. my true love gave to me

post-news and creeping fascism

live in Grimsby, December 2016

But, also the news that we are entertaining the good people of Grimsby on the 23rd December with Chariots and others. Free entry at the Parity, 8pm. Raise your cheer or drown your sorrows. Just do it with people. And music.

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7 days

On the seventh day of Christmas...7 days…. 7 days…. yet it feels like Christmas started months ago?

Capitalism. Consumers. Consume: To use up, to destroy.

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