Black Box Recordings

Our next release is Black Box Recordings – released physically and digitally on the 11th March 2017

Black Box Recordings is a collection taken from practice sessions during 2013-2016 and are recorded via a single microphone mp3 recorder. This is why we are not charging much, and why the quality means this is not our third album.

What Black Box Recordings represents is a ‘live’ recording – more akin to seeing us live! We haven’t played any of these songs before these recordings – they were live jams. We will never play these tunes live either!

We are playing the Jolly Brewer, Lincoln on the 11th March to launch the release.

Available from the band for £3, and downloadable from Bandcamp for £3 (on the 11th March)

Join our Facebook event for a promo code to get 50% off Black Box Recordings download from Bandcamp

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